Turkey and Earl Grey Honey Butter Tea Time Sandwiches


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Sliced turkey breast Thinly sliced cucumber Softened cream cheese Earl Grey honey butter (mix honey with brewed Earl Grey tea, then let it cool) Freshly baked bread slices

Preparing Earl Grey Honey Butter

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Brew a strong cup of Earl Grey tea and let it cool. Mix equal parts of honey and cooled Earl Grey tea to create a flavorful honey butter.

Cream Cheese Layer

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On half of the slices, spread a generous layer of softened cream cheese.

Creating Sandwiches

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Top with the remaining slices of bread, Earl Grey honey butter side down, to form sandwiches.


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For enhanced flavor, chill the sandwiches in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Tea Time Presentation

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Arrange the sandwiches on a tea tray or serving platter for an elegant tea time presentation.

Serve and Enjoy

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Serve alongside a cup of your favorite Earl Grey tea and savor the delightful combination of turkey, cucumber, and Earl Grey honey butter in these tea time sandwiches.

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